Your MedSoc Committee

On this page you can find information about your MedSoc Committee for the academic year 2018/19. Hovering over our names will allow you to email us individually. Hovering over the images will also allow you to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, if you like!

We might look a bit daft in these photos, but rest assured that we work hard to bring you an incredible student experience during your time at Manchester Medical School - just wait and see what we've got planned for the year ahead if you don't believe us!

Executive Committee

Sophie Ashley, Co-President

Sophie Ashley


Roxana Moscalu, Co-President

Roxana Moscalu


Felicity Starling, Treasurer

Felicity Starling


Kinza Noman-Khawaja, General Secretary

Kinza Noman-Khawaja

General Secretary

Technology Lead

Venson Pang, Tech Lead

Venson Pang

Phase 1 Lead

Andra Maria, Phase 1 Lead

Andra Maria

Education Leads

Zahid Mohammed, Education Lead

Zahid Mohammed

Alina Zaidi, Education Lead

Alina Zaidi

Social Leads

Michal Glover, Social Lead

Michael Glover

Seun Ikotun, Social Lead

Seun Ikotun

Shantelle Awofadeju, Social Lead

Shantelle Awofadeju

Formal Leads

Isaac Tse, Formal Lead

Isaac Tse

Charles Etchells, Formal Lead

Charles Etchells

Grad Ball Leads

Sohail Nakhuda, Grad Ball Lead

Sohail Nakhuda

Mariella Baxter, Grad Ball Lead

Mariella Baxter

Pacemaker Editor

Edward Murchie, Pacemaker Editor

Edward Murchie

Charity and Wellbeing

Hannah Gatensbury, Charity and Wellbeing Officer

Hannah Gatensbury

Previous MedSoc Committees