MedSoc's Trademark Events

Every year MedSoc hosts a number of incredible events, but a few stand out as being the very best that we have to offer. Make sure you keep an eye out for these amazing nights!

We also host a number of smaller events throughout the year - to keep up to date with what we're planning, make sure you check our events calendar regularly.

The PJ Pub Crawl

The PJ Pub Crawl is one of the biggest events of the MedSoc calendar - as a 1st year medic, it's your first chance to mingle with the entire medical school on an amazing night out, and for everyone else it's just another incredible MedSoc event!

During Welcome Week, 1st years and their PBL parents will head into the city centre to buy the classiest nightclothes money can buy*. In the evening, they will then head out into town - suitably attired in their new purchases - for a night of medics' debauchery!

As always, medics in any year are welcome to attend, and friends from other courses are also welcome (providing they have a ticket).

This year's PJ Pub Crawl has been and gone! Come back soon to find out when next year's event will take place.

*From Primark

The Scrubs Pub Crawl

The Scrubs Pub Crawl is one of the last events of the MedSoc year, but by far one of the biggest and best.

In April 2017, hundreds of medics will descend on the city centre wearing their finest set of medical scrubs - it's your chance to feel like a "proper doctor" whilst stumbling down Manchester's streets with your "colleagues".

This event is not to be missed - it is truly a fantastic night and a chance for Manchester medics to make themselves known to the world!

The date for this year's Scrubs Pub Crawl has yet to be announced - keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for more info!

The Winter Formal

A recent addition to the MedSoc calendar, the Winter Formal will bring a touch of sophistication to the first semester.

The Winter Formal will be an affordable alternative to the Medics' Ball (or will complement it, depending on the size of your wallet), and is guaranteed to be a brilliant night of wining and dining.

This year's Winter Formal has been and gone! Come back soon to find out when next year's event will take place.

Winter Wonderland

Supporting the Wood Street Mission, MedSoc's Winter Wonderland event is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some ice skating and a wander round Manchester's famous Christmas markets with your friends.

The event is planned to take place this December, but ticket sales will be strictly limited so keep a close eye on our social media channels for details of ticket prices and sale times!

It's sure to be a great event and is all for a good cause, so make sure you attend and show your support!

This year's Winter Wonderland has been and gone! Come back soon to find out when next year's event will take place.

The Medics' Ball

The biggest event of the MedSoc calendar, the Medics' Ball is a formal night of wining and dining to help you regain your sophistication after the antics of the first semester.

The ball gets bigger and better year on year, with an exclusive venue, live entertainment, three-course meal and drinks all included in the ticket price!.

The theme this year has yet to be announced. The Annual Medics' Ball will be taking place on the 11th March at the Hilton Hotel in Deansgate. Ticket sales will be announced on our social media channels closer to the event. Don't miss out on this amazing night!

Mock OSCEs

MedSoc's mock OSCEs will be held around May 2017 to help first years prepare for their first summative practical exam. Venue and ticket prices are to be confirmed and will be announced later in the year.

The mock OSCEs will cover a wide range of skills and will be assessed by staff members and/or 3rd, 4th and 5th year medical students, so that you can identify weak areas and gain confidence in your strongest areas.

Again, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the events calendar to keep up to date with the latest details for this event!

BBQ & Garden Party

MedSoc's BBQ & Garden Party

Celebrate the end of term in the sun (fingers crossed) with your friends and PBL family! With plenty of games and inflatables to keep you entertained, this day is not to be missed.

The date for this year's BBQ and Garden Party has yet to be announced - keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for more info!


Founded in 2015, MedX is a pioneering medical conference bringing together researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, medical students who strive to be tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

Our conference is all about innovation in healthcare, and is unrestricted by specialty. Whether you're a budding surgeon, Humanitarian doctor or have an interest in specialist fields like Obstetrics & Gyanecology or Neurosurgery, you are bound to find something here that relates to your future career. With an exploding population and ever increasingly tighter budgets, we need people like yourselves to predict, and solve, tomorrow's global healthcare crisis.

For more information, visit the MedX Website, and the MedSoc Facebook Page for event dates and details.

Other Events:

Welcome Events:
19th Sept '16: Welcome Fair
21st Sept '16: Inter-PBL Meal
28th Sept '16: PBL 101 Lecture
29th Sept '16: Pyjama Pub Crawl

1st Semester:
Oct '16: Halloween Party
Nov '16: Winter Formal
Nov '16: Leeds Invasion
Dec '16: Medics' Pantomime and After-Party
Dec '16: Christmas Pub Crawl

2nd Semester:
Jan '17: End-of-Exams Party
Feb '17: Mummies and Daddies Re-Freshers' Curry
Mar '17: The Medics' Ball
Apr '17: Scrubs Pub Crawl
May '17: Mock OSCEs
Jun '17: End-of-Year Party
Jul '17: Graduation Ball