Links with Preston

Priya Logan, MedSoc Preston RepRoughly one quarter of all medics are placed at the Royal Preston Hospital for their clinical year. Although many students are initially disappointed that they have to leave the centre of Manchester, they soon settle in and are glad they were placed there as the medics form a very close community in Preston.

Many Preston medics regularly visit Manchester to meet up with friends, attend lectures and attend the MedSoc events; however also available to them is the Preston Medsoc, hosting a variety of events and keeping people informed of anything happening in Preston. This year MedSoc has created a new role, the Preston Rep, who will form a link between both societies, and to also keep Preston medics up to date with anything happening back in Manchester. The rep this year is Priya Logan, a 3rd Year based in Preston, who can be contacted by email by clicking here.

Those allocated to Preston Hospital may also like to visit the Preston MedSoc Facebook page for more information on events and activities around the Preston area.